by OST: East Punk Memories


Consisting of Super 8 archives, interviews and views of Budapest, the ‘East Punk Memories’ movie is structured around the words of twelve former punks.
At the end of the 80s, they voiced their anger against the political regime and hopefully waited for a change of system.
Twenty years later, where are they now?
Resurgence of nationalism, brutality of capitalism, confusion of left and right political views, how do they live the current crisis?

The music selection heard in the ‘East Punk Memories’ movie will be available as a vinyl record only early 2017 on the French record label ‘Danger Records’. Since 2013 this label is digging up Punk and Cold Wave obscure and weird rarities. This soundtrack includes Punk bands such as Eta, QSS, CPG, Kretens, Aurora, Modells and is nothing but a sociological and musical document of the Hungarian Punk scene of the 80s. It perfectly adopts a non-conformist approach and illustrates a portrait faced with an aggravated nihilism, thus rejecting societal codes.
This record establishes itself as an emblematic testimony of a marginal and non-standard generation, hammered and bullied, and of its militant tale.

A incredible soundtrack for a great movie directed by Lucile Chaufour.
Dedicated to early 80s Hungarian Punk scene.


released February 20, 2017